Bamboo Grove: A Montessori Pre-School

Since 2005 Bamboo Grove (Oakland, CA) has been providing a Montessori learning environment in a cozy, caring home where children accomplish tasks relevant to their developmental needs. Read more ...
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How Bamboo Grove Preschool got its name

Once upon a time, 12 saplings of bamboo, a mere 2 feet in height, were planted in front of our school. Each bamboo tree symbolized the first twelve students at Bamboo Grove.

Only after a year, these initial bamboo offshoots now tower over 10 feet and have flourished into a lush grove, creating a living green wall while also representing our thriving, dynamic Bamboo Grove community.

In Asian culture, bamboo plays a vital economic and cultural role. It is a symbol of strength for it does not break easily. It is also very versatile and has been used for generations, for a variety of purposes ranging from hardy furniture to melodious flutes. The bamboo also symbolizes resilience for the slender but supple bamboo bends and sways with the wind, never uprooting even in the fiercest typhoon.

“Strength and resilience.” These are the two character traits we strive to nurture in the children who join our Bamboo Grove community.